Time Management for Working Moms

August 28, 2013 2 Comments by Travis Jones

Time Management for Working MomsEveryone has the same amount of hours in the day, but because not everyone has an equal share of tasks to accomplish, not really. The way women and men divide up their time (between work, child care, and household duties) has been of interest to social scientists for several decades. What has always been the case is that mothers, even the 21st century working mom, have had to deal with the “invisible” shifts of childcare and housework in ways fathers never have. Although these inequalities of time and tasks are drastically changing with the rise of women working outside the home and fathers bearing some of the “invisible” burden, the time constraints on women is still far greater than men.

It is no surprise then that the wealth of information on time management tips for working mothers is large and growing. Before I offer any tips of my own, it should be said that the time inequality that working mothers face should first be exposed for what it is. It’s just not fair that women should have to carry these extra burdens, and then be expected to adopt more strategies to cope with them without first addressing the root problem. There is no real nice way to say it. But since this is a deeply rooted issue in our society (and won’t be fixed by this post) and a very real part of many women’s lives, it’s still important to talk about strategies for dealing with the time constraints. Below are two suggestions that begin to unravel the inequality of time and offer practical steps to ease some of the burden.

First, prioritization is an essential skill for working mothers (and fathers) in the busy lives of 21st century parents. For working mothers especially, the skill of prioritizing what is most essential and time sensitive is the first step of relieving time related stress. Juggling the myriad demands of housework, career, family, and children can be daunting and requires practical strategies to manage. One way to be more productive, and avoid being overwhelmed, is to prioritize your daily tasks into categories of “urgent”, “that can wait”, or “that’s not important.” The advantage of visualizing such lists is that your mind now has a starting point, a workable checklist, and a tangible picture of what actually must be done.

Second, working mothers should delegate. It is not the duty or a given obligation to unequally carry the burdens of a family, especially if there are helping hands close by.  Every working mother’s circumstance is different but, assuming that they are working a second invisible shift of household chores, childcare and other familial duties without help, some tasks should be delegated to spread the “wealth” of responsibility and ease some of the stress from being overworked.  This may come in the form of sharing duties to pick children up from various activities, dividing up household chores on a weekly basis, or assigning members of the family to skill related tasks. Delegating out responsibilities to your loved ones will not only free you up to be more productive for what is most important, but will help you “win” back some time in your day to keep you more healthy and happy.

So until we reach a more equitable culture of shared responsibility, working mothers, and their families, should prioritize and delegate as first steps to making its actualization possible.

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  • Carla Frett

    I can better understand how difficult it is to manage time for working moms as I have practically experienced the real time scenario when I was working for a company and that’s too as a freelancer from my home. Very tough time I have to come across those days.

    I was then introduced with quickbooks time tracking software by my office and they started keeping track of the time I spent on the activities for the office. Initially I was a bit scared whether I will be able to manage the things properly or not but with the time I started using and deploying the same on time management for my home as well. That is really interesting as I have got to see myself on the top level in terms of output from me.

    Thanks to my office for such a tool.

    • LetsTalkWork

      Thanks for sharing your experience!