01 Nov

POLL: Do You Think Employees Will Be Working More or Less Hours in 10-15 Years?

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The future workplace is changing.  Are you ready? What will the workplace look like 5-10 years from now?  I can guarantee that it will look very different from today. The role that technology will play in where we work, how we work, and what we work on is mind-boggling.  Staying current with what the workplace will demand in the future is important if you want to stay competitive and employable.

The future is now! Embrace it!

16 Oct

POLL: What Type of Organization Do You Work For?

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It is no secret to the working world that many organizations today are in turmoil. The recession has caused companies to have to downsize, reorganize, merge, be subjected to greater regulatory scrutiny, and in some cases go out of business.  These tumultuous events have put a new face on such things as organizational politics, dysfunction, and opportunities for advancement.  This month’s LTAW theme is: Work:  It’s a crazy place these days!

Earlier this month we wrote about different types of organizational cultures.  What is your organizational culture?

04 Sep

POLL: Which Entrepreneur Do You Admire The Most?

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Starting your own business can seem daunting.  Many people shy away from starting their own business because of fear of the unknown and not wanting to take the risk.  But those that have taken the entrepreneurial path can attest that being your own boss can be very rewarding.  This month at LTAW we will focus on entrepreneurship, from the basics on how to get started to personal testimonials from people who are currently in business for themselves.

We realize there are a number of great entrepreneurs we could have listed in our poll.  If there are other entrepreneurs that you admire, let us know in the comments below!


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