27 Feb

POLL: What Do You Think About Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s Decision To Stop Work From Home Arrangements?

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Yahoo Headquarters

Last Friday Yahoo! issued an internal memo regarding its work from home policy. Effective June 2013, all employees who work remotely will have to relocate to company facilities or find a new job. This new policy has shocked and angered many Yahoo! employees. The new mandate is being spearheaded by CEO Marissa Mayer.

What do you think about her decision? Do you agree or disagree? Take our poll below and also share your thoughts in our comment section.

09 Jan

POLL: What Keeps You From Focusing On Your Career Goals?

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It is a brand new year. It is that time again where we make New Year’s resolutions about a lot of things…losing weight… exercising more… volunteering, etc. We also sometimes decide that we are going to change jobs, prepare for a promotion, go back to school to get new skills, or many other career related goals. The problem is such goals usually lose momentum by March. We get into the day to day grind and forget about our long term focus. This month we will try to give you helpful tips about staying true to your dreams and realizing your goals.

We recently wrote about the 5 Things That Keep You From Focusing On Your Career Goals. What things are keeping you from staying on track? Take our poll below and let us know (check all that apply). Share some other things that cause you to lose focus in the comment section below.

13 Nov

POLL: To What Extent Is Your Company Involved With Social Media?

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The future workplace is changing. Are you ready? What will the workplace look like 5-10 years from now? I can guarantee that it will look very different from today. The role that technology will play in where we work, how we work, and what we work on, is mind-boggling. Staying current with what the workplace will demand in the future is important if you want to stay competitive and employable.

The future is now! Embrace it!

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