22 Jul

Overworked? 6 Ways to Recharge

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Overworked? 6 Ways to RechargeAre you feeling overworked? Is the concept of “work-life balance” far fetched? You’re not alone. Working longer hours is becoming more and more common. Overwork can have negative effects on your health, happiness and productivity.  This month we’ll focus on how to tell if you’re overworked and what you can do to change your situation and become a happier, healthier employee!

We all would benefit from unplugging from time to time and recharging our internal battery.  This is especially true if you’re feeling overworked, stressed and overwhelmed on the job. Just like your electronics cannot run on empty, neither can your internal battery. Sometimes we need to recharge so that we can get the most out of our day to day life. Recharging will help your productivity at work, improve your relationships and improve your health.

Here are 6 ways to recharge yourself back to a more healthy, productive you.

1. Take a vacation. Whether you travel away from home, or make it a staycation, you owe it to yourself to take some time off. Your company gives you vacation days for a reason, however as Americans we are notorious for not taking vacations, being dubbed the “No Vacation Nation”. Vacations are necessary to recharge your body and your mind. They help you to stay focused. If you still haven’t scheduled your summer vacation (or staycation), and have convinced yourself that you do not have the time or it’s really not that important, think again.

2. Take a personal day. Sometimes just one day off during the work week can help you get back on track and refocus. Completely cut yourself off from anything work related and do something for yourself.  Go to the spa, visit a museum, take a long drive to clear your mind…whatever interests you…just make sure that work is not on the agenda!

3.   Designate a time to unplug…daily. With all of the technology at our fingertips these days it is easy to feel connected 24/7. Staying tethered to your devices doesn’t give your mind and body that much needed break. Consider creating boundaries; for example, set a time each day that you will unplug for the day and will not go online or check emails again until the next day, or pick a few nights a week when you will leave your devices elsewhere. You should also consider making your bedroom a gadget-free zone. Studies have shown that keeping your devices nearby when you sleep interfere with a good night’s rest. You should I know it may be hard to figure out what the heck you will do if you’re not check your email or Twitter, but trust me you’ll find something.

4. Get some fresh air. Even something as small as taking a break during your work day and going outside to get some fresh air can help you recharge. A short, five-minute walk will not only clear your head, but will also help get the blood flowing and you’ll come back to the office feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready to restart your work.

5. Take care of yourself. Your health and happiness is an area that suffers greatly when you’re working yourself beyond the limit. Set aside a specific time a day that you will exercise. Make it a mandatory meeting that you can’t miss. Also, make sure you’re eating healthy foods. You’d be amazed at how just eating right can make you feel better during these stressful times. By making your health a priority you will likely see an improvement in not only your work performance, but also you’ll find that you’ll have more energy to spend time with family and friends.

6. Get to know the non-work you again. While your boss undoubtedly appreciates your dedication to the job, it’s important for you to develop and nurture interests and relationships outside of the office. Do you even remember what you used to love to do before you were so consumed by work? What were your hobbies? Take the time to rediscover them again. Remember, you’re more than just your job.

You can easily become overwhelmed by your job, especially when you add to that the demands of your personal life to the equation. If you take the time to focus on you, you will be in a better mental and physical condition to tackle whatever comes your way.

When you start to feel stressed or burned out at work, what are some things you do to recharge?

Overcome Being Overworked!


15 Jul

Handling Burnout: When Throwing In the Towel Wins the Fight

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Handling Burnout: When Throwing In the Towel Wins the FightAre you feeling overworked? Is the concept of “work-life balance” far fetched? You’re not alone. Working longer hours is becoming more and more common. Overwork can have negative effects on your health, happiness and productivity.  This month we’ll focus on how to tell if you’re overworked and what you can do to change your situation and become a happier, healthier employee!

The United States is, and has been, one of the most overworked nations in the world. So being burnt out and fatigued from over work is a condition that affects us all. Resolving this problem is difficult because burnout’s far reaching impact goes largely unseen and undiagnosed by the very people it affects. Working hard, long hours is built into the fabric of American culture to the point that admitting fatigue and burnout is seen as a weakness. Not only does work-life research support that quality work is better than the quantity of work, we all deeply know that we are at our healthiest, most productive selves when we feel rested, prepared and stress free. In order to help you with the goal of improving your work-life balance, here are five warning signs that it may be time to throw in the towel.

1. We are not always our best doctor. Phone a friend.

When thinking about your own burnout, it would make sense to first consider your personal health and overwork. However, if we are accustomed to overworking ourselves, we may not be the best judges of our own fatigue.  Find a friend or loved one that you trust and ask them if they notice changes in your mood, stress, happiness, productivity and balance.

2. The rest of your life suffering.

A tell-tale sign of being overworked is when the non-work elements of your life also begin to suffer. The relationships with your family and friends as well as your responsibility to other commitments can act as an “overwork” barometer as to when it is time to take a break from work. When the levels of success in those other areas drops, it may be time to leave work alone.

3. Your quantity outweighs your quality.

Its important to remind yourself that working long hours is not the same as working quality ones. Productivity is the bottom line. It is vital that you make all of your required hours on the clock count. Discipline yourself to save unrelated distractions for when you get home. This will help you cut back on working around the clock.

4. You are the black sheep of fatigue.

Another sign that it is time for you to take a break is if you are all alone in your unending devotion to work. Take time to evaluate the work of your colleagues with similar positions and responsibilities to see how they are handling it. If they are not equally burnt out, you could be unnecessarily overworking yourself. It may also be helpful to ask your work peers their particular threshold for calling it quits.

5. You are dying a slow death.

Although work-exhaustion has not been officially diagnosed as a medical condition (yet), it is beyond a doubt that millions suffer from a myriad of work-related health issues. There is plenty of research on the medical effects of stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and any signs you have of related symptoms should be taken seriously. At the end of the day, no matter how much you value your job, your health is more important. And it is only by taking your personal health seriously that you ensure many more years of enjoying the career you devote so much time to.

Overcome Being Overworked!


11 Jul

10 Tell-Tale Signs That You May Be Overworked

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10 Tell-Tale Signs That You May Be OverworkedAre you feeling overworked? Is the concept of “work-life balance” far fetched? You’re not alone. Working longer hours is becoming more and more common. Overwork can have negative effects on your health, happiness and productivity.  This month we’ll focus on how to tell if you’re overworked and what you can do to change your situation and become a happier, healthier employee!

Even if you love your job, you can become overworked and burned out if you aren’t mindful of keeping your work-life balance in check. Being overworked and stressed out on the job is not uncommon. In fact, a recent Gallup poll revealed that on-the-job pressure is the top reason for employee dissatisfaction in the American workforce, and nearly half of American workers say their job is “very or extremely stressful.”

Workers tend to develop classic symptoms when their workload gets too much to bear, such as poor memory, fatigue and bad time management. Ignoring the symptoms can have grave consequences on your health, productivity and relationships.

Here are 10 signs that you may be overworked and burned out.

  1. Inability to focus. You have 8 projects on your desk, 5 windows open on your computer, and wait, what is it again you were working on?
  2. Irritability. Clients, co-workers, family members and friends (whom you really do like!) are getting under your skin.
  3. Don’t know whether you’re coming or going.  You find yourself easily distracted; anything flashing across your screen takes you running in that direction.
  4. You don’t want to go. You find yourself not wanting to go into the office more and more and calling in “sick”, even though you really do love your job.
  5. Overeating or eating unhealthy foods. You’re trying to find comfort to help you overcome the stress and overwhelm.
  6. Increased caffeine consumption. You seem to be consuming more and more caffeine in an attempt to achieve a needed buzz.
  7. Forgetfulness. You’re having trouble remembering important conversations or missing important deadlines.
  8. Avoidance. You start to ignore projects with looming deadlines and push them off to the last possible moment.
  9. You’re tired all of the time. You’re constantly feeling fatigued and would love nothing more but to crawl under your desk and take a nap.
  10. Lack of motivation. You just don’t care about anything anymore.

How many of these signs did you check off? If you could relate to even one of them, you may need to take a break to recharge. You’d be amazed at how something as simple as taking a walk during the work day to clear you mind can do wonders for your stress level.  If several of the symptoms resonated with you, you may consider talking to your boss about how you might be able to achieve better work-life balance in your current situation. Perhaps you need to cut back on your hours. Maybe you’re long overdue for a vacation. You might need to learn how to unplug.

Whatever the case, this is not something to take lightly. Overwork can not only affect your productivity and performance on the job, but also can begin to weigh on your health and relationships. Begin your efforts to change today and you will find that you are a much happier person tomorrow.

Overcome Being Overworked!


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