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Most tech-savvy people have heard of LinkedIn. The majority’s knowledge of the site is hovering around the surface of its power. I’ve been on LinkedIn for years and I’m just now getting around to leveraging some of its deeper features. As an entrepreneur, I look for LinkedIn to help me network with potential clients, partners, and team members. This piece focuses on helping you find your dream job on LinkedIn. I’ve provided several tips below to get you on your way:

1. Make sure your profile is 100% complete.

Not only should your LinkedIn profile be complete, but it should be up-to-date. Be sure to include past places of employment of note and all the schools you attended with your earned degree(s). Yes, a complete profile includes a professional head shot. Who wants to hire a placeholder avatar?

2. Connect and network.

Add connections to your profile by searching your email account’s address book and searching LinkedIn for school alumni and colleagues from your current/previous job(s). You might already have a contact at or close to that dream job you’ve been wanting. If you’re in job hunt mode, you might want to be careful with whom you choose to connect. One can never be too careful around snitches.

3. Make your public profile as transparent as possible.

The goal is to increase your reach and visibility, therefore you should be as open as possible about yourself and your skills.

4. Seek recommendations from trusted people in your network.

Don’t annoy your network, but be somewhat aggressive in seeking genuine recommendations for a job you’ve done or a skill you possess. It’s important to lean on real relationships in your network in case a potential employer wants to speak to the person who recommended you.

5. Be careful with your Twitter connection/use.

If you’ve chosen to connect Twitter to your LinkedIn profile, please be sure to not be too ‘wreckless’ with your tweets for your industry. If you’re looking for a job in education, it might be good to avoid tweeting about your weekend of drunken ‘ratchetness’ with your buddies. Also, please do not have all your tweets automatically update your LinkedIn status message (especially if you often tweet things not related to your profession). If you want to cross promote specific tweets on LinkedIn, use the “#in” trick.

6. Connect SlideShare to your account.

Have you given a killer presentation? Set up an account at and embed your slides on your LinkedIn profile. This is an excellent way to impress the heck out of people with hiring power. Be sure not to expose any proprietary information from a current or previous employer in your SlideShare presentation.

7. Give me a shout.

I can help you optimize your LinkedIn account and profile so that you can land your dream job. Shoot me an email. Also, you can view my LinkedIn profile, here:

Chris Craft blogs at He’s also the CVO/Founder of Nao Media and Consulting, an Atlanta-based social media consultancy.

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