Exercise Your Way to a Happier Workday

October 15, 2013 No Comments by Mareisha Winters

Exercise Your Way to a Happier WorkdayAre you happy at work? Or does work make you miserable? Given the amount of time we spend working (especially in the US) it’s worth doing whatever possible to make sure that the time spent there is happy.  Many people cite work-life balance, great co-workers and bosses, and working their passion as reasons why they love their job and are happy at work. So what about your job brings you joy? This month at LTAW we are giving tips and advice on how to “work happy”.

Not happy on the job? It may not be the work, it may just be that your body needs your attention. Lack of exercise could be one cause to your feeling of unhappiness. Exercise produces chemicals known as endorphins in your body. Endorphins are known to enhance your mood, they make you feel happier and reduce your level of stress. So, maybe the work is fulfilling, but your body is in need of endorphins.

Have you ever found yourself looking at the clock at lunchtime (or later) realizing you hadn’t gotten up from your desk since you arrived to work in the morning? While you may think that’s a good thing—it shows your boss you’re working hard—in reality you can be doing yourself more harm than good. Your job performance may actually be suffering because of the simple fact that you are not moving around or exercising regularly. Also, you may not even notice it, but you could be giving off bad mood vibes to your co-workers which can cause problems. Your health and happiness is an area that suffers greatly when you’re working yourself beyond the limit!

One way to fix this is to exercise. I know what you’re about to say— “I’m too busy to work out!”  Well, you’re in luck, you can do your workout right at work—even while at your desk! Below is a nifty infographic by KT Tape that shows how you can still fit in exercise even when you’re stuck in your cubicle/office.

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Exercise Your Way to a Happier Workday

Work Happy!


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