Emotional Intelligence: Why Do I Need It?

emotional intelligenceMany of us think that we need to become an expert in our chosen field, whether it be nursing, engineering, writing, plumbing, programming, etc. And that is true. However, being the best at the “technical” aspects of your job will not be enough for the future. According to a report conducted by The University of Phoenix, there are 10 skills that we will all need to succeed in the future and none of them have to do with being an expert in your field.  They are all related to our ability to grasp and work with complex ideas, to innovate and work with people who are different from ourselves. This month LTAW will feature the skills named in the report and give you ideas for how you can attain these additional abilities.

Stephen Covey Quote EQ

One of the key skills for the future is emotional intelligence.  Behavioral scientists say that the level of one’s emotional intelligence is more accurate in predicting career success than is technical knowledge.

Emotional intelligence (EI or sometimes referred to as EQ) can be defined as a learned ability to identify, experience, understand, and express human emotions in healthy and productive ways. EI operates on a personal level through our own thoughts and behaviors and at a group level through our interactions with others.

Based on Daniel Goleman’s  groundbreaking work in the area of EQ, he identified four areas as shown below.

Emotional Intelligence Model

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I always explain my actions?
  • Do others see me as I see myself?
  • Do I stay calm in the midst of chaos?
  • Do I get easily irritated?
  • Do I genuinely care about how others feel?
  • Do I get along well with all of my co-workers?
  • Do I often get stressed?

If you get stressed often, cannot always explain your behavior or cannot say that you get along well with co-workers, you may not have a high EQ.

Emotional intelligence is a strong predictor of job performance, according to a study conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University.  So you should definitely not just concentrate on your technical skills. Hone those emotional ones as well if you want to succeed on the job.

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