5 Things That Keep You From Focusing On Your Career Goals

goals listIt is a brand new year. It is that time again where we make New Year’s resolutions about a lot of things…losing weight… exercising more… volunteering, etc. We also sometimes decide that we are going to change jobs, prepare for a promotion, go back to school to get new skills, or many other career related goals. The problem is such goals usually lose momentum by March. We get into the day to day grind and forget about our long term focus. This month we will try to give you helpful tips about staying true to your dreams and realizing your goals.

Many of us started off the New Year full of optimism of new things to come.  We set some promising career and life goals, and all seemed good – until we started to lose focus (yes already!). It’s not uncommon to lose momentum after a couple of weeks into the New Year. And even though we set our goals small (or so we thought) and we started with a self-assessment we still cannot seem to stay focused. We often face many distractions and temptations that push us off track.  Below we offer a list of some of the most common things that may keep you from focusing on your career goals, and ways to overcome them.

  1. You Have Family Obligations: One reason that causes us to lose focus is family commitments. We live in a world today where our schedules are fully booked, we do not know if we’re coming or going. Often times we find that we don’t have time for ourselves because we need to tend to our family and friends.   Solution: Share your goals with your family so they can be on board and help you stay on track.
  2. You’re Being Overworked: Maybe your current job has you being pulled in so many different directions that you cannot even begin to focus on your goals. Solution: Share your goals with your boss. If he/she is aware of what your career goals are, they may be able to help you achieve them and be more mindful when they assign you tasks at work.
  3. Your Goals Are Not Visible: Perhaps you lost your focus because you can’t remember what your goals are, or you are simply not thinking about them. Reviewing your goals daily, keeps them at the forefront of your mind. Solution: Post your goals in a visible place in your office/cubicle and at home and read them daily to keep them fresh in your mind. Some people also suggest re-writing your goals daily. Whatever you choose to do, the point is to make sure you are constantly thinking about them. Check out some of these ideas to keep your goals visible: Keep Your Goals in Front of You
  4. Your Goals Are Too Big: We talked earlier this month about making sure your goals are small. If your goals are too lofty, they become unmanageable and therefor unattainable. Solution: You can have one large goal, but that goal needs to be broken down into many smaller goals. Make sure your goals are SMART.
  5. You Really Don’t Believe In Your Goals: Why spend your time pursuing goals you do not believe you can accomplish? If you don’t believe in something, you will not put your energy into making sure it happens. Solution: When you establish your goals, evaluate them. On a sale from 1-10 how much do you believe in your goal, if it’s less than a 6 or 7, maybe you need to reconsider the goal.

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Stay Focused!

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